Friend,Bestfriend enemy


hello guys! i just wanna share something about friendship…
some days ago i met with my bestie,i think her change. idk why but i see her like i see another ppl. i know ppl can change but her really change drastically, her always talking about lee seunggi its okay if her say about real lee seungi but is not! her talking about lee seunggi in roleplayer ! i dont like that because you know!? her always said “nevermind,i just playing in there(roleplayer) so i never falling in love with him”. okay im wrong too. if I do not introduce her with roleplying world maybe he will not like this! this really make me disturbed ! can we be like last year ! chat what that we can chat ,eating together! doing some madness! i really miss that time!

lately a i got some close friend in additional class,i know they just harness me. they’ll close with me when they need something,like yesterday our teacher give some homework and then they asking me for do they homework, how funny them -,-

enemy ? sure,i have 1 enemy ! her really disgusting ! shout like a crazy ppl that not having polite ,selfish and dont care about another ppl,feel like her only one that pretty ! and i just know her got some “lesson” and that lesson really make me happy but i cant show it hahaha really im laghung when know that ,how bad i am hahahha

love,im not sure about this,because my relationship with him not grow up! but nevermind i like him just for my moodbuster ! last i see him smile and ugh! it make me always smilling !

okay,thanks already read my story! bye ppyong!


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