( Review Drama) Blood

OH! Happy lunar year guys!
This night ( it already 12 pm here) i’ll give you some a preview about drakor “blood” cast by ko hye sun and ahn jae hyun. actually, i little disappointed with this drama

why ?
why ?
isn’t ahn jae hyun is one of your bias ? yeap,you must be know that

and then why i disappointed, i think the storyline its really indifferent. i think i know how storyline will going. the concept must be Hate-Love its really indefferent like another drama. much drama used concep Hate-Love for their concept like Emergency Couple (I Know this drama starting by divorce), Doctor Stranger (the concept almost such a EC), You’re All surounded, Heartstring and many more. the concept is really boring they must be looking some different concept. if not i’d Love-to-Hate it, Hahaha not really but they need to change the storyline . seriously i guess girl in first episode is Yoo Ri Tae (Hye sun) and because one problem he change her name. or girl in first is woman that in team 1 (ajh team).

and i guess ji sung (ahn jae hyun) will be falling in love with ri ta. its like storyline almost in all dramas . the concept is really boring. dear pd-nim i suggest you to change the storyline, maybe you can make rita being a vampire too or you focus in “ji sung mission” looking for the virus and rita will help him. or make this drama be comedy romance. just looking some different.

and i know change storyline is not easy,but i believe with all of your strength you’ll be got what u want!
just do it before you late and lost much ratings.

and one more,tell to ahn jae hyun “please change your haistyle,not too good”



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