[ Hungry ] Simple Crepes

IMG_00001434                                                      this without sauce, u can pour the sauce by yourself

Hello, im back with something different! ok
i wanna tell you how to cooking creeps,
to be honest im not following original recipe but i try in my kitchen. because i am really curious why crepes so delicious so i try, with my basic cooking. and my brother says its delicious and its reason why i share the recipe. and i made 2 version for this crepes actually


For Crepes :
1.3 spoons of flour

2.half glass of milk
3.spoons of sugar
4. a little margarin

For Sauce:
1. Chocolate
3.orange juice

For Garnish:
1. Wafer stick
2. Ice cream
just simple garnish,you can buy it in minimarket

How to make crepes :
1. first, put sugar,milk and flour to bowl
2. stir them till coagulate
3. next put margarin into hot pan, wait till margarin melted
4. and pour batter and make it to be really thin
5. cook with small fire
7. sow sprinkles at batter
8. wait until crepes be a little brown

How to make choco orange sauce:
1. melt the chocolate
2. next pour the milk into chocolate
3. if all done, take it and pour 2 spoons of orange juice
4. stir till them mixed

and if all done take the crepes in plate and you can garnish it, make it more pretty than my mine hahaha.and sorry for my poor english i still try to make it be better. Thankyou


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