[ Hungry ] Simple Fruit Salad



hello guys, Ramadhan coming! welcome! im late -,- Hahahaha but its okay, today i wanna give you my super simple fruit salad, actually i find this recipe on youtube. well… just check this out! 

material that you need is :
-nata de coco
– and i use jelly here (green is jelly)

sauce :
– 200ml of milk
-1 spoon of sugar

now, lets make it!
1.first, boil the milk for 5 minutes
2. and put 1 spoon of sugar to the milk
3. boil for 5 minutes again
4. then, there’s will appear some bubble or anything i dont know what the english
5. take the milk into your bowl, and pour it, wait till the milk cool
6. slice one by one your fruit
7. and put your fruit into milk bowl

and done! you already got delicious salad, for better taste put your salad into refrigerator till it cold
tips : if you wanna wash your fruit, use cold water, it will make your fruit keep fresh

btw thanks for read my recipe, and sorry for my bad english T.T
bon appétit!



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