Dan And Phil


Hello internet! / speaking like dan’s style/
hahahahahaha, hello guys, i’m comeback with random stuff… its been 3 months and i still looking for some university T.T . well, i have a looooooooong holiday its about 3 months or more… i have some activity, but when im feel bored i’ll looking some kpop video or mv reaction, and ta-da! i find them, actually dan and phil not make video about k-pop or k-culture, i find them in ….brother…. uh im forget, the point is they make some funny video

i’ll explain who dan and phil, as i know is. dan and phil is british youtubers. dan youtube aacount is danisnotonfire and phil youtube account is amazingphil. and now they’re radio host (sorry of i am wrong T.T) I try to searchig about them, but its really difficult. i’m not find anything. and some day i searching in google ” how long dan and phil together” wanna see what the result

 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-51-51  Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-47-46    Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-48-24

well, im so sorry phill, im not mean. but for the first time i just interesting with dan because, he have a cute face. but after days, i dont know why, i more like when dan and phil make video together. actually, i’m not ship boy x boy! even my idol, i ship the girl x boy! but now i ship them like gxb, omg! what should i do!

after that, im starting watch all dan and phil video, and tbvh i dont like games, but i watch it! dan and phil games. and here i am…. im being phandoms hahahaha,phill and dan fans. and this night. im feel tired but i cant sleep. i watch their video, and find some video that show how cute they’re T.T cute moments,

and there’s my FAVORITE VIDEO, when dan trying to wake up phill and he said “vlog lets make a vlog, vlog vlog” phil is not really wake up, he take off his sunglasses and said ” i hate you” OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO! THEY’RE TOO CUTE TO JUST BEING BESTFRIEND! AAAAAAK! i think i should stop fangiling, next SAT waiting meh T.T and there’s dan interview, i dont know who is the host… but when the host said something, and dan said yes, because his friendships with phil.

well, they just bestfriend, i do same thing like them with my bestfriend, then you cant say they’re gay -,- stop! if you already 5 years more with your besfriend, you’ll be like brother or sister. you will understand each other. and btw phill is more old tha dan, and it’s more like sibling i think.

but, there’s no fanbase, or fanclub for indonesian fans ? i looking for that. and because them. i lost my american accent hahaha and my korean accent. well i think i should finishing this post. im going crazy, i use my brother laptop and its always hang and being slow -,- and my laptop was broken some days ago T.T and for the bonus i’ll give you screen capture of dan and phil instagram

(NB: Sorry for my bad english, broken grammar or anything weird in here because im still learning english T.T Sorry)

Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-10-15 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-10-01 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-11-27 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-10-21 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-13-50 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-13-56 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-10-47 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-14-27 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-09-54 Screenshot_2015-07-21-02-11-19



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