The worst week

Oh, hello guys 1:28 am here. i always blogging at midnight. i had insomnia since i came to university. well i’ve been distressed for maybe 8 last day. my phone charger is broken, i buy new one when i come home, then i back to boarding house, 3 days later that damn charger is broken! so i buy new one again, its not broken but my phone is broken. i cant charging my phone when it on, i should turn off the phone and it charging. i’m going to bring my phone to Samsung official service center since i still have guarantee. i use this phone for 10  months but it already broken

and i fighting with my friend, for me its just simple problem about pen. but he really mad at me, i dont know what is my fault. but we got better now, we being friends again. yeah simple. but not really simple as you think

i got my period, and its not like usually. i got cramp its make me absent for 2 days. damn 4 lecture!. and i found online shop application they give free shipping and i try to buy bunch of make up set. but hell yeah i still need money for live alone without my parents here. so i dont buy it. yeah! live alone is hard.

and my friend told me he was gay. okay he already told me for the first time we meet. but this is for real. for the first time i think he joking me, but its real. he’s gay. it’s hurting me a lot. i have feel for him.  but all is nothing, dissapear. i don’t know what should i do. i cry and when i tell my another friend they mad at me. they said that just my alibi for hiding my feel from my another friend (some friends thinking i falling in love with most clever guy in class, but is not). i dont know what to do. i thinking about, should i get away from he, or keep being his friend. if i keep being his friend i’ll hurt because he keep telling me about his boyfriend. always 24/7. i decide to get away since i know its better for me.

next, maybe for this month i cant come home there’s no holiday! this is suck! usually i come home every 2 weeks, but hell yeah there is no “red date” in my callender.

dont bully me about my gay friend, im sad you know. i hope that is not getting worse in this week. should getting better than last week. really! i’m tired! need rest! and sorry for my bad english


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