Review Film : Star Trek Beyond

oh hi guys, good night or maybe good morning, early morning here 3.40. hahhaha why i always blooging at midnight. well yeah today im gonna review star trek beyond! I’VE BEE WAITING THIS MOVIE FOR 2 YEARS! sebenarnya aku ada nonton beberapa film sebelum ini. cuma aku paling kejer banget mau nge revoe film ini. 2 weeks before i watch star trek i watch koala kumal by raditya dika.

ps: sorry for my broken english

and yeah, i want watch this movie since premiere, i already planning i will watch this when the first premiere, but yeah. teman temansudah pada balik kuliah dan cuma aku disini yang masih stuck dirumah liburan dan akhirnya aku nunggu teman yang free buat nemenin nonton film ini.

Screenshot_2016-07-30-03-34-37 Screenshot_2016-07-30-03-34-30

Well i dont know why, but too much empety seat here, maybe around 8-10 people in that studio including me and my friend. yeah feels like vvip. i lilbit dissapointed about this, well people have their opinion about this movie. i swear if i had much money i”l watch this for many times till i get the copy this movie. you know this is the best movie in this month!  i think in my city just have some startrek fans. some of them watching this because joe taslim playing as manas. i dont care about that.i like the story line

Three years into its five year mission, the USS Enterprise arrives at Starbase Yorktown, a massive space station, to resupply the ship and shore leave for her tired crew. Struggling to find continued meaning in their mission, Captain James Kirk has applied for a promotion to Vice Admiral. He recommends Spock as the new captain of the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Hikaru Sulu reunites with his husband and daughter, Spock and Nyota Uhura have amicably ended their relationship, and Montgomery Scott works to keep the ship operational. Spock also receives word from New Vulcan that Ambassador Spock has passed away. (wikipedia)

well,first scene is kirk surrounded by alien who really small, i forget name the planet, he get atacked when kirk try to give the ‘gift’ after get attacked kirk ask the enterprise for pull him from there. i love when they landing in yorktown, yorktown is really beautiful . their planet surrounded by glass. its look beautiful and the starbase is really cool. something like underwater starbase. after they landing in yorktwon, the entire crew go out. some of them meet family, friends. but there something intersting in here

yeah there scene in the begining, sulu put picture of the girl on his computer board, and i wonder it should be his daughter. yeah im happy because sulu get married. nah after they landing in york town, there’s guy with sulu daughter. i still thingking postive.maybe he is sulu brother or cousin who bring sulu daughter to met him but! BUT! after that sulu hug him like hug his wife, well…. the guy is actually sulu lilbit shock in this. yeah they put gay scene in here. i know if its gay scene first time, but im not really sure about that so, at 2 AM with all of my curious i decided to searching “is sulu gay in star trek beyond” and google say “yes” what! WHAT! okay calm down. im gonna stop for this part :v too much hurt here.

i dont really remember what kirk doing in this scene, but he talking with woman. (i dont read the subtitles in this scene) but things that i get in there “alien” who come to yorktown and ask for help that her ship is stranded close with nebula. and the chief(maybe?) tell kirk that nebula is not mapped yet in yorktown. thats why the chief dont know what is in there. and the only one ship that really modern is enterprise kirk said “our ship had something that they dont have” yah something like that lah. and then kirk decided for calling all enterprise crew, then they coming to the ship that stranded around nebula

kirk tell the crew this mission is easy, the enterprise will save the “alien” ship crew and they will be back to yorktown. after go straight to nebula, they find planet, and after a while the ship get attacks by enemy ship, the enemy ship is looks like bee. they really have so much ships.a billion enemy ships. then kirk tell all crew for saving their live and going to rescue capsule. but all of the rescue capsule arrested by enemy, some of them fall from the sky. and btw scott using torpedo than rescue capsul. after that enterprise is destroyed. enterprise is gone! this lil bit funny. I CRY WHEN ENTERPRISE FALLING DOWN FROM THE SKY. i dont know why but its really sad for me. and make some question appear in my mind “is this the end of star trek ?”, “are they will make star trek 4” too much question in my brain. and after that they met Jaylah, woman who try to fixed uss franklin. she really want to leave the planet.

i’ll stop.


yeah that is my little spoiler :v IM SORRY. but im feel so sad when see anton yelchin ( pavel chekov) i really love his character. his accent RIP ANTON YELCHIN. gonna miss u.

ill talking how the amazing effect, well i recommen you for watching in 3d. it would be great. im not watching in 3d. but everything looks so real, the feel, the effect and i swear the sound is make us more excited. and trying to guess what would be the next scene! my favorite scene is, when dr bones trying to pull out an iron from spock belly, that is reallly funny for me :v sorry mr spock. and when scoott meet jaylah, how chekov and kirk met jaylah. and when kirk cooperate with chekov for trap the “alien” (actually this is suspenseful scenes). and of course the scene of sulu family. i think i have so much favorite scene here.


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