From Bangtan To Haters


hello, i know no one read this. but i just want to write this. coz theres too many feel here. im gonna talking about Jin bts new song awake. so this song is really meaningful. this song like jin telling about how bangtan struggle for facing haters, especially for jhope. this song maybe for jhope, coz this song lil bit talking about #KickOutJhopeBTS

so i’ll talking this from Jin side, because he sang this song. ill explain about the lyrics

It’s not that I believe it
But that I want to try holding out
Because this is all that I can do

“Jin dont want to believe with haters words, but what haters say make jin down and broken his heart, so he was apologize, because this is all he can do”

I want to remain
I want to dream more
Even so, what I’m saying is
That it’s time to leave

“he still wanted to be bangtan member, he want to make his dream come true, but another side he want to leave. because he can’t handle the haters anymore. //and when bighit deleting jin scene in mv that make speculation that Jin will leave bangtan//

Yeah it’s my truth
It’s my truth
I will be covered with wounds all over
But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
Still, I want to struggle and fight

“yeah, haters are right, Jin is ugly and he not deserve in bangtan, that word is make jin more down. but this is jin destiny and the truth he want to be himself .he dont want to be someone else”

Maybe I, I can never fly
I can’t fly like the flower petals over there
Or as though I have wings
Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky
Still, I want to stretch my hand out
I want to run, just a bit more

“jin maybe cant be someone else (other member/other idol), he cant be other person, although he cant be someone else, he want to singing. he want to be like them and trying to be them ( in this side, jin forcing himself to be someone else)”

I’m just walking and walking, among this darkness
My happy times asked me this question
You, are you really okay, it asked me
Oh no
I replied, no, I’m so afraid

“he could only listen the haters, happiness side asking jin, are you okay ? he answered. no. he afraid, he is not okay, he really scared with wgat haters said. it make jin down”

Still, I hold the 6 flowers tightly in my hands
I, I’m just walking, I said
Oh no

“Jin will always with bangtan( 6 flowers = bangtan)  and always ignoring what haters say, he still want to make his dream come true, he dont want to change, he’ll be himself”

But it’s my fate
It’s my fate
Still, I want to struggle and fight

“no, that is my fate, my destiny. i want to struggle and fight”

Wide awake
Don’t cry
wide awake
No lie

“he will keep struggle and fight, he will ignoring what haters say, he dont want to cry, and he never lied to being someone else”

so yeah, this song is really meaningful, and this song telling us that ” do not listen people who trying to make you down, just do it and believe yourself” and sorry for my bad engllish im trying to not using dictionary here hahahah



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