☆ About Me



21 thoughts on “☆ About Me

  1. Hai.. This is linervirus!
    Blogwalker anytime..
    Linervirus// Girl// K-POPERS// FANGIRL// EXOSTAN or EXO-L// DESIGNER – WRITER // Baekyeol biased Hunhan Shipper 😀 // 01Line

    tadi kan abis buka gallery abis itu nganga, diriku lagi gabut jadi blog walking, eh nemu blog kece macam ini ishhh lemme introduce my self nde ^_^
    anyeeonghaseyo sinhyo imnida… line 02.how i call you?? kak or what?
    suka sama tampilan blognya yang frsh terutama home yang semeriwing gitu~
    im fall in love with ur art seonsaengnim, gatau kenapa jatuh cinta sama banner plu headernya
    sorry distrubing you, laff laff ❤

  3. Hello. I followed your tutorial on ahn jaehyun daum cafe but when i tried to join, the code on your video (second column) didn’t work and the cafe told me to check the conditions instead. Please help me. I can provide a screenshot of it. I’m also his fan.

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