From Bangtan To Haters


hello, i know no one read this. but i just want to write this. coz theres too many feel here. im gonna talking about Jin bts new song awake. so this song is really meaningful. this song like jin telling about how bangtan struggle for facing haters, especially for jhope. this song maybe for jhope, coz this song lil bit talking about #KickOutJhopeBTS

so i’ll talking this from Jin side, because he sang this song. ill explain about the lyrics

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Justin Bieber ft Jungkook BTS – Nothing Like Us [ Mixed by Andrean Jung ]

holla! im back with new mashup ! yas, some day ago jungkook uoloaded his cover nothing like us by justin bieber, i got tat crazy ideo for make them duet. so just check this out!

listen and download here : Justin Bieber ft Jungkook BTS – Nothing Like Us [ Mixed by Andrean Jung ]

and im so sorry, im not upload my monthly pict, actually i going to place that really beautiful, but im not yet edit that picture. im still busy with my new semester!

so just chech this out! enjoy and see you in next post!

I Bought a new camera


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Panic – 정류장/ Station

hi guys, today i’ll post lyric from panic, this song born, year 2005. but much singer cover this song like btob member,busker busker and now kwak si yang and jinyoung b1a4. they not release the album for this song, but i hope they will. so i’m looking everywhere this lyric in google and using key ” lyric panic -station” and im not find it. so i try searching in daum and find it, well i find it but in hangeul so. some people cant read hangeul and they need romanization. i think this song is really touched. fyi “red line” is not included in jinyoung – si yang cover.  Continue reading

WM Entertainment

oh iya,ini artikel pernah gue share di blogspot gue ya,blog yang sangat sudah tidak terurus. aleumdaumdynamic gue pindah kesini karna masa iya di artikel isi result gue ada yang komen pembesar pembesar gitu.kampret kan -,- iyaudah cekidot ajalah~

hi im back~
i really exicted to write this article^^ this time i’ll discuss about WM Entertainment Artist…
You know,WM entertainment (B1A4 AGENCY) have a many artist…
look at this..
*An Jin Kyung (ex-member baby vox)
And rumor,they will make debut for new girlgroup,just rumor~ idk true or false^~^kkk~

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You Are All Surounded

Hello,there’s wizky!

i just wanna tell something with you,hahahah maybe not one ppl will read this post,hahahha
today i just finished drama you’re all surounded you know i need 2 days for finished YAAS… then i am not sleep last night
the drama finished at 3 am,but i cant sleep anymore so i open youtube and looking some new video of bangtan or b1a4 hahaha..
and well i am feel sleepy in school..

well today i must sleep but i have planning with my friend tmr,but i am not promise with her~ hahahaha
and i will tell you something again… (too much idea in my brain right now) hahahahah~

maybe most ppl watching YAAS coz there lee seungi as main character,but not for me i watch this movie because AHN JAEHYUN,well i never tell you im a fans jaeyun after see him in sistar mv, some months ago~

i know its really weird,coz i really most-old ppl in group or tweenty– years old boy idk why they really look manly,even they have hurt in their face hahaha,its more make they manly image really strong,hhahahaa…

first example,when park tae il (ahn jae hyun) try to save liontin he get hurt in belly,when the criminal hit tae il he always try to strong and when the criminal give rough poke knife he still try for against,and make me say “wow” u know it really cool even when i know he called snow-white in this drama -,- but no prob,wrong is someone man have a white skin ? hahaha~and im to shock when know actually taeil x-doctor

second example when baro playing gods gifts 14days,he role as young gyu,whe he try save saetbyul,baro have much hurt in face and that make me more love him hahaha even he playing as autism boy -,- but idk hahahha

Skit : Soulmate ID Translate

irst,jangan lupain comment sama like ok! ini gue buat dengan bakat english gue yang sumpah lo mungkin nggak akan bisa bayangin seberapa buruknya setelah baca skit ini! no google translate in here ! so bakalan banyak banget bahasa yang nggak teratur^^

dan gue nge trans ini karna denger suara taehyung yang awalnya gue kira suaranya jungkook,dan suara itu lucu banget !

happy reading !
dont take without permission ok!


Jimin                : aku piker lampu merah akan menyala secepat mungkin (lampu recording)
rapmon           : lampu merah membuat semua orang guguk
jimin                : kamu gugup ? Kamu adalah orang yang mendengkur di mobil
suga                 : sampai sekarang aku tidak tau untuk apa kita melakukan skit
rapmon           :itu semua secaras pontan
v                      : serius, apa yang harus kita lakukan
suga                 : aku tidak tahu lagi apa yang dilakun untuk skit ini
v                      : apa yang harus kita lakukan
jin                    : lakukan sesuatu yang menarik dari kita
Suga                : aku tidak tahu kita  lakukan sekarang
J hope              :  ayo,kita bicarakan tentang type ideal kita
v                      : hyung,bagaimanakah type ideal kamu
J hope              : aku? Perempuan seperti mu
jin                    : bagaimana itu kalimat kita semua begitu jujur
v                      : benarkah !!! serius?
J hope              : aku akan menggigit mu
rapmon           : bts akan promosi  sebagai 5 membermulai sekarang
suga                : aku akan membunuh keduanya hari ini dan hanya perform sebagai 5member
jin                    : diam!!!
suga                 : skit ini tidak akan pergi kemanapun
members         : hello~
bang pd           : duduk!,apa yang lakukan ?
sb                     : permisi
bang pd           : apa yang sedang kalian lakukan
sb                     : tentu saja kami sedang recording
Bang pd           : bukankah kalian berkerja sampai pagi ?
sb                     : tidak tidak sampai pagi,itu terlihat kita membungkusnya besok (mempack album maksudnya )
bang pd           : kenapa kamu marah ?
sb                     : apa ?
bang pd           : kenapa kamu tertawa ?
sb                     : karna kita sedang rekaman sekarang
bang pd           : aah kalian sedang melakukan skit sekarang ?
sb                     : kami melakukan skit ketika dia datang ,jadi planning ku sekarang menggunakan ini untuk skit
suga                 : itu ide yang bagus
jin                    : tamu special
jhope               : bos,apa yang kita lakukan di skit selanjutnya ?
rapmon           : tolong menyarankan sedikit ide
jhope               : tolong menyarankan banyak ide untuk skit
seokjin             : bicara sedikit sebelum kamu pergi

thanks already read my skit^^
Eng Trans from bangtan trans

Roleplayer World

gue balik dengan roleplayer,tadiya mau balik dengan tutorial tapi berhubung kuota gue super limit gue nggak bisa upload foto dan kebetulan tangan gue gatel banget pengen nulis setelah sekian lama tidak menulis /?

Kpopers rata rata tau apa itu roleplayer kan,yap roleplayer itu adalah sebuah permainan media social.roleplayer itu semacam fake akun yang cuma buat parody semacam parody akun artis.ngerti ? nggak ? itu masalah lo… media social yang di pake biasanya facebook,twitter,whatsapp dan sejenisnya tapi disini gue main roleplayer twitter karna gue udah nyaman sama tapilan twitter berhubung gue males main FB xd Continue reading