☆ Fanfiction List


– B1A4 Fanfiction –
Against Detiny
Tried To Walk
My Love Is My Brother
Youre Only one Bestfriend
Beside You
Excerpt Guitar For Baro
Rainy Days
To My Family
I Want See The Sun

I Know Way To Back
The Story Life Someone Gongchan

Liburan Member B1A4 Di Indonesia
One Day With Chan
Youre My Sister
Faithfulness For Forever 1/2/3/4

– Bangtan Senyeondan Fanfiction –
Je Ne Regrette Rien
I Need You

Lost Time Life

Who Am I

All Of Stars

Last Love And Last Word
Dark But White
Tried To Walk

– Random Fanfiction –
Because Its Hurts (Ahn Jae Hyeon)
Time Capsule (Sungha Jung & Megan Lee)
Perfect Blue (Sungha Jung & Megan Lee)
Moving On (Jiyeon,T-Ara)
Taemin Dan Wig Sherlocknya (Shinee)
14 Days (Jessica SNSD)

Random Story
Teman Jadi Pacar

Nathanael Story
Cinta Rangga
Dibalik Senyuman Jimmy
Dibalik Senyum Manis
Story Of Smash
Wonderful Moment Stevanie



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