i survive

oho holla, i write this for my english training. this is my story. about my real story. who am I, and what i am doing in this 19 y.o body girl.

A few days ago, im turning 19 in 4 november. my mom bought me a new phone. in my 18 birth day my mom bought me a new camera, in my 17 birthday i graduated from high school and in my 16 birthday i had hardest time in my entire life untill now. Continue reading


From Bangtan To Haters


hello, i know no one read this. but i just want to write this. coz theres too many feel here. im gonna talking about Jin bts new song awake. so this song is really meaningful. this song like jin telling about how bangtan struggle for facing haters, especially for jhope. this song maybe for jhope, coz this song lil bit talking about #KickOutJhopeBTS

so i’ll talking this from Jin side, because he sang this song. ill explain about the lyrics

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